Have you ever wondered how you can go green or lower your carbon footprint? Our answer – for the ultimate environmentally friendly home – is to add solar capabilities. There are many reasons why solar is great, here are a few:

  • Solar energy is free. You do have to purchase the system, but when it’s installed the sun provides its energy free of cost.
  • Save on electric bills. Statistics show that roughly 50% of your electric bill comes from your homes cooling/heating system. In Florida, it's even higher. Solar power that generates electricity to power your air conditioning system can lower your energy costs by more than half!
  • It increases your home’s value. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development surveys have shown that home values rise an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in year-end utility bills. That total will add up quickly with a solar energy system in your home.
  • It’s environmentally responsible. Different from coal, oil and gas, the sun’s energy is clean and doesn’t allow harmful toxins into the environment. And, your solar energy system will provide plenty of energy to your home, cutting back the amount you require from your local utility grid.
  • Tax credits.
    • Federal HVAC Credit (25C) – $300 tax credit is currently given on solar heat pumps or air conditioners
    • Federal Solar Credit (25D) – covers 30% of the cost and installation, with no maximum limit. Additionally, the credit will cover 9% of the total cost of solar-ready products.

How does it work?

First, you need to have a solar ready air conditioning system. Next, solar modules are installed in your roof at an angle to capture the most amount of sun rays as possible. Each solar module takes in energy and transforms it into electricity that’s used mostly to power your HVAC equipment. The more modules you install, the more electricity you could create. Energy that isn’t used for your heating and cooling systems will be used to power other appliances in your home, such as your refrigerator and oven, or lights and any other items you plug into an outlet. Now if your solar energy system is generating electricity for these devices, as well, you’re significantly reducing your dependence on the utility company. Each month you may find yourself paying less and less to the utility company at all. What’s even better is that with net-metering, you can still take power from the grid if necessary, and you’ll be credited for any surplus power your system generates that goes back into the utility’s grid.