Certifications at Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc.

We’re dedicated to providing the West Palm Beach community with the most responsive heating and cooling service in the area. To do so, we’ve completed rigorous training to receive the industry certifications you see below. Discover more about our certifications here and give us a shout at 561-401-0011 to speak with one of representatives in person.

North American Technician Excellence (NATE)

NATE CertifiedNATE is North America’s largest and most respected certification in the HVAC industry. NATE certified technicians have shown superior skill in the installation, service and maintenance procedures of heating and cooling systems and can earn recognition in these areas of specialty:

  • Air conditioning
  • Air distribution
  • Heat pumps
  • Gas heating
  • Oil heating
  • Hydronics gas
  • Hydronics oil
  • Ground source heat pump loop installer
  • Senior HVAC Efficiency Analyst

National Comfort Institute (NCI)

National Comfort Institute logo

Just because your heating and cooling system is operating doesn’t mean it’s working at peak efficiency. Like your body, your home heating and cooling equipment relies on many things to work together efficiently so you get maximum comfort with a minimum energy cost. Typical installed equipment only operates at 55% to 70% of rated capacity.

Think of the airflow through your house like blood through your veins. Proper blood flow, or air flow, will cause optimal environments. Most contractors don’t even know how to diagnose all the parts of your HVAC system, let alone measure and show you actual numbers representing the blood pressure of your HVAC system.

Your heating and cooling system is a candidate for improvement. An HVAC professional with the right tools and training can improve the performance of virtually any system. At Hopkins Air, we provide our technicians with such tools and training. Nearly all of our in field technicians are NCI Certified. What does that mean for you, the consumer?

NCI Certified Professionals are different than standard HVAC technicians. Most companies are in business to just fix or replace heating and cooling equipment. Our Hopkins Air Conditioning technicians consider the entire system and are qualified to test, diagnose, and repair your ducts as well as your equipment.

Don't be fooled into thinking that replacing your air conditioning unit is the only way to lower utility bills. The units that heat and cool your home are reliant upon the distribution system to deliver cold or warm air to each room. If a contractor doesn't check that distribution system, or the ductwork, then they are only addressing part of the puzzle. Compare it to installing a brand-new race car engine into an old sedan.

Dave Lennox Premier Dealer

Lennox Premier Dealer

In order to become a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. in West Palm Beach was trained and is routinely independently evaluated to ensure we give an unmatched level of customer service. We’ve partnered with Lennox®, a leading name in home comfort, to offer some of the best heating and cooling equipment in the industry. We maintain our Dave Lennox Premier Dealer status by participating in an independent Customer Review program. The program gives customers an opportunity to provide honest feedback and ratings on the quality of our service and keeps us accountable for performing high quality work and customer service at all times.

SunSource® Solar-Ready Dealer Designation

Sunsource logoReceiving SunSource Solar-Ready Dealer designation from Lennox means that we’ve gone through training on solar-ready products, sales and tech. We also understand West Palm Beach County utility requirements for solar installations and rebates, and we’re familiar with local grid interconnectivity abilities. Additionally, we’ve begun or completed solar training and certifications so we can provide you with a quick and stress-free purchase and installation process.

Better Business Bureau

BBB Logo

Hopkins Air Conditioning, Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau, meaning we respect ethical business practices and communicate honest information with our customers. We have a excellent rating and are proud to be part of this organization.